Miss Swimsuit UK Ltd Terms and Conditions of Entry for 2019:

The following are the conditions of entry for the Miss Swimsuit UK 2019 competition (hereafter referred to as ‘MSUK’)

General Conditions

  1. Miss Swimsuit UK contestants must be not less than 18 years old on 1st  January on the year of the competition, there is no upper age limit.
  2. All competitors must prove their identity by providing a valid passport and consent to a ten year background check being conducted.
    1. There must be nothing in the contestant’s background that could bring into disrepute any aspect of the contest or its sponsors.
    2. Your entry form must be filled in with your name as it appears on your passports.
  3. All women are welcome to compete. There is no bar on marital status, parental status, ethnicity or country of origin.
  4. If you win the Miss Swimsuit UK grand final, you must be free and able to sign an exclusive Agency and Management contract with Miss Swimsuit UK ltd.
  5. Miss Swimsuit UK is a trademarked logo. No person or organization, may use the title, logo or images of Miss Swimsuit UK, without the express written permission of Miss Swimsuit UK.
  6. Your entry into the selection process and ultimate progression through  the contest,  grants the organizers, its advertisers, customers, successors, sponsors and assigns the free and unrestricted right to use, in such ways as may reasonably be expected,  your name, picture, voice or any photos for advertising purposes or purposes of promotion, press release, website trade or motion picture and you waive the right to inspect or approve such completed pictures, videos or advertising matter used in connection thereof, providing such use is not in a manner to cause harm to the contestant’s reputation or name.
  7. Contestants agree that from the date of winning a qualifying contest (Regional Heat), until a period of 30 days after the National Final, or for a period of six months after their reign as ‘ Miss Swimsuit UK 2019’ titleholder ends, they will not, without the prior permission in writing from the organisers, make any statement to the media or on social media, either directly or indirectly, nor give any interviews or write any articles, blogs or social media posts whatsoever appertaining to the competition or involving its name without advance written approval of MSUK organisers.
  8. The organisers, its directors, owners, employees or agents shall not be held responsible for any loss or damaged, howeverso caused, resulting from acts or omissions of the Organisers, its directors, owners, employees or agents during the course of the event.

Entry Process:

  1. You must pay a £100 deposit to secure your place. Then the remaining entry fee can be paid in 2 installments. Total to pay £199. Your application should include a photocopy of your passport or driving license. Your application should be paid by direct transfer from your bank stating your name or from your own personal credit card. This is to ensure we can match your name to your ID and ensure the photographs presented are of you and that you are over 18 years old. Our team reserve the right to contact you for a video call to confirm you are in fact the person presented in the photos – please be assured this is not part of the competition, it is merely to ensure no one’s images rights are mishandled and that your full consent is achieved in advance of proceeding in to the contest. All such calls will be arranged in advance by email to ensure they are arranged at a time convenient to you.
  2. Your entry into the heats will provide you with an online competition entry free of charge. This will ensure you have two chances to make the finals, one at the heats and another as part of the online competition, the winner of which will not be announced until our online winners party on 07th September location TBC when the top ten girls with the most votes will be invited to the party night and the top three contestants with the most votes will be appointed. MSUK reserves the right to withdraw this element of the overall competition, if such an occurrence does take place full refunds will be returned to fee paying contestants.
  3. If you win 1st Place, or take 1st Runner up or 2nd Runner up at one of the heats, you must be available to attend the Grand Final on 28th The location of this event will be confirmed prior to the event, it will be in one of the venues from the regional heats. To assist with travel and accommodation, your entry fee in to the Grand Final will be waived.
  4. The Winner of each heat will receive gifts from our sponsors plus a photo shoot with one of the sponsors (TBC)
  5. The Winner of the UK Grand Final will win the title & Crown of Miss Swimsuit UK 2019 until the next winner is crowned 1 year later. The winner will go on to represent the UK at the Swimsuit USA international World Finals on an all-inclusive paid week stay at the beautiful Hard Rock Hotel & Casino-Punta Cana (£7,000 value) Top prize for winning World finals of Swimsuit USA international is $80,000.

Social Media:

  1. Your entry into the competition brings with it a duty to promote the event but equally your chance of raising your profile as a model on social media. Contestants should make regular contributions to the MissSwimsuitUK social media feeds and include the hashtags: #missswimsuituk   and   #missswimsuituk2019 and #beconfidentbefunbeyou
  1. Once you have been accepted as a contestant you are reminded of your duty not to bring the competition into any disrepute. Every time you communicate, whether it’s in person or on social media, you shape public opinion about you, your profession as a swimwear model and fitness ambassador and MSUK. As such you should not comment on or display images of a political nature or anything that could be deemed to be offensive or in bad taste. Please remember to Respect your audience. Do not use ethnic slurs, personal insults or obscenity. You should also show proper consideration for others privacy and for topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory (like religion or politics).  MSUK reserves at its absolute discretion the right to suspend or disqualify any contestant for break of this provision. You should always state that any opinions offered are your own and not the view of Miss SwimSuitUK. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby agreed by you that you fully indemnified MissSwimsuitUK limited for any defamatory action that may be brought against you as a result of your comments on any media platform.
  1. Some additional guidance notes for good practice include:
    1. Tag photos and posts with care, especially when you post photos of others.
    2. Posts and comments of an inappropriate nature or that contain personal or irrelevant information should be removed/deleted promptly, or notified to MSUK.
    3. In some cases, it may be necessary to report a post or comment to MSUK for investigation. Please use your professional judgment in this regard and if in doubt please report it
    4. You are advised to set your privacy settings so that you are notified if you are tagged or mentioned in photos or posts and if necessary please remove tags that may reflect negatively on you or MSUK.
    5. You are also advised to forward social media notifications to your email so that you can see what is being said about you online without logging into your social media accounts.



  1. If you have been accepted as a contestant you may want to approach your own sponsors. While this is acceptable, your sponsor can have no visibility on the event day as the MSUK sponsors will have exclusivity to this event. For the avoidance of doubt, the following sponsor categories should not be approached:
    1. Alcohol suppliers
    2. Tobacco or more generally Electronic or smokeless cigarettes, cigarette lighters, cigarette papers or pipes intended for smoking.
    3. Gambling products or services.
    4. Adult-oriented products or services.
    5. Any product or service that is likely to bring MSUK in to disrepute.
    6. Businesses in any way associated with counterfeit products.
    7. Any product or service that has previously tried to advertise or promote themselves in an offensive way by association or reference to hatred; violence; harassment; racism; sexual, religious, or political intolerance or organisations with such views content that’s likely to shock or disgust content that’s exploitative or appears to unfairly capitalise at the expense of others; or incorporating political comment.”
    8. Financial services.
  2. MSUK will bear no responsibility for any agreement you enter into with a third party. However, if you would like to introduce your sponsor to MSUK as a potential national sponsor for the 2017 Season, MSUK will pay you a finder fee on completion of any successful partnership deals successfully agreed.
  3. Your private sponsor(s) may ask that you participate in photo shoots or social media campaigns up to the week before the completion only, at which point our official partners will have exclusive use of all such images, rights and associated marketing material. You should at all times ensure that Missswimsuit UK management are kept informed of your activity so that they may guide you to ensure this activity does not clash with any official sponsorship programme.
  4. Please respect our social media and partnership agreements, any breach may lead to your suspension and ultimately to your disqualification from the completion if any such breach leads to contractual difficulties with our sponsors.

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