Why Teaming Up With Miss Swimsuit UK Was The Right Move.

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I have been asked many times why we chose to team up with Miss Swimsuit UK, the question was always asked ‘how does it fit in to your current portfolio?’ and for me to answer was always quite simple, Verena Twigg the CEO of Miss Swim UK has a great product, she is a very hard worker and she needed assistance to get to the next level of growth- that is exactly what Business Plan Ready does. We find passionate people, who are driven to succeed, who work hard to overcome the challenges that running a small business brings and we help them by introduce support mechanisms that allow the company to grow faster than you could do on your own.

For us, the fact that the product was a swimsuit competition was misunderstood by many and that’s what we first started to focus on for a number of reasons. Firstly, Verena and her team deliver a truly unique competition, this is truly an all embracing, equal opportunities event that promoted individuality, positivity, body confidence, diversity and healthy living without the parameters of traditional competition such as age limits, parental and marital status and we loved that, why shouldn’t anyone who is confident enough in themselves have a fair chance at competing and enjoying the experience? Secondly, Verena and her team wanted to create an event around the event. The Miss Swimsuit UK brand is as much about everyone in attendance having fun on a great night out as it is about finding the UK’s next top swimwear model. The idea of producing events that were engaging and a lot of fun for everyone also appealed to us as the focus was again on fun and inclusion and this really struck a cord with us. Thirdly, Miss Swimsuits UK is about being healthy, not just a healthy body, but a healthy mind. Being happy in yourself, being confident and having fun in your life whatever it is your choose to do- who wouldn’t we want to be a part of promoting such a positive and inspiring initiative? Be Confident, Be Fun, Be You!

Miss Swimsuit UK 2017 will run 8 regional Heats and a National Final. For more information on how to enter or attend an event please check out our website on www.missswimsuituk.co.uk

Eoghan Gill is the CEO of Business Plan Ready and now works with Verena Twigg, CEO of Miss Swimsuit UK to bring a new level of success to the UK’s premier swimsuit model search as well as developing the careers of current and future models on an international market.


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